Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grove of Titans

January 2008, I read an article online about 2 men who discovered enormous Titan redwood trees in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. The article was a single chapter from Richard Preston's book The Wild Trees. A few days later, I bought the book. I was already exploring parts of the redwoods, so it sounded like something worth reading.

The Grove of Titans mentioned in the book sounded like an interesting area to find and photograph. With plenty of prior exploring experience in that park, it was only a matter of time to look around and bridge the gap between curiosity and undisclosed location of the Grove of Titans (no map was available).

Before the end of February, I located this grove of enormous redwoods, as well as Atlas Grove in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park: with Atlas Tree and Iluvatar. Since the book had no photos, I decided to supply a webpage and albums so others could see what these redwoods look like. Use this link:

Grove of Titans, Atlas Grove and other Giant Redwoods

There are 3 photo albums, and and a lot of other information. The photos include some of the largest known coast redwoods like Lost Monarch, Del Norte Titan, Atlas Tree, Iluvatar, Melkor, Adventure, Sir Isaac Newton and others. There are photos of a lot of other stuff besides just the giant coast redwoods. Included are flowers, fungi, old stumps and logs. .

In 2009, I explored the forest along Redwood Creek and Larry Damn Creek and Lost Man Creek which led to some nice photos of Hyperion redwood, and one called Dog Soldier too. Hyperion is the tallest known redwood at present (2010). Dog Soldier was a new find, being one of the 50 largest that has been found and measured.


Sahasi said...

Hey! :)
Thanks for the comment. I haven't been to any other redwoods other than Big Basin. Good to know that you hike regularly in that areas.
Do keep checking back on my blog. I will be posting my experiences.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

wow ! The pictures are mindblowing. Thanks.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Log on to for more photographs.

iPKar said...

Hello!!!! Tree lover!!!
Your pictures are beautiful!!! I must plan my trip to visit Oregon and the Redwood forest! No trail in the East coast can compare... I want to see all the mushroom on your website!

Read The Golden Spruce! You will love it!

Larry said...

Sounds great!